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What are our custom stand-ups made of?
Our stand-ups are custom made for each individual order. We take your image and edit out everything from the background. We use a state of the art digital process that prints your image directly to the background material. The inks are then cured using a high intensity ultra violet lamp. This method is extremely durable for several years outdoors and indefinitely indoors. Once the image is printed it then goes over to our CNC department where upon creating an outline, we precisely cut out your image to complete the finished stand-up, or display graphic. We then add our proprietary patent pending easel to the back that is very simple to open and secure using Velcro tabs. Our easels also have special slots cut into the back so that they can be secured to a post for outdoor applications in case of windy days. All of our custom stand ups are weather resistant . We then make every shipping envelope individually to complete your order and ship to your destination.

Can we print custom stand-ups of your favorite celebrity or character?  
The only way that we can print a celebrity or any copyrighted material is with written permission of the owner. No exceptions to this.

What is the turnaround time for a custom standup?
Our typical turnaround time for a custom stand-up is approximately 3-5 days once we receive your payment and approval of your photo. Shipping time will depend on your location and will vary from 1-7 days. Once we have received your photo image or graphic, we will contact you and let you know if it is acceptable for life size production.

We strongly advise you to place your order well in advance of your event to ensure that you receive in plenty of time. While we will always ship your order on time, we can not guarantee that the shipping company will meet your expected delivery date, we have no control over this as we do not own the shipping companies. There will be no refunds due to delays in shipping from our express carriers. Please note this policy is stated on your order form when you check out. You must check the disclaimer box acknowledging that you have read and accept responsibility for possible delays before you can process your order. Keep this in mind when placing orders that are time sensitive.

What do our stand-ups cost?
The custom stand-up prices vary due to size and material from as little as $59. For CUSTOM life-size stand-ups of people, pets, etc. please click on "products" and "custom". Use the pull-down menus to see the available options and prices. The usual custom stand-up of a life-size person is just $194 INCLUDING FED EX GROUND SHIPPING up to a maximum of 72 inches tall by 27 inches wide! Stand-ups of couples or groups have an additional fees dependant on how many people are in your photo. This is due to the additional time required to cut out all background material that must be done prior to production. Stand-ups over the absolute maximum stated sizes below are an additional $40 due to additional shipping charges imposed by the shipping carriers. There are a few other options you can choose like adding a speech bubble to your image. This is all covered on the PRICING link when you go to place your order.

What is the maximum size my standup can be?
While we can manufacture your stand-up to any size and specifications you desire, the sizing chart below shows the maximum sizes for standard shipping. The chart below shows the maximum sizes for the standard pricing. If you are not certain if your stand-up needs oversized shipping contact us and we can check for you.

Absolute Maximum Sizes*
Height Width
72 27
71 27
70 27
69 28
68 28
67 29
66 29
65 30
64 30
Anything over 72 inches in one dimension or over the width dimensions here please add $40.00 oversized in the shipping column
*We can manufacture any size standup but freight shipping charges will apply.  

Is shipping really included?
Yes! Fed Ex ground shipping in the Continental U.S. is included in the price of your custom stand-up with the exception of Hawaii & Alaska. They incur additional shipping charges. If you would like to upgrade your shipping just let us know and we can provide yoiu with an express shipping quote. (Please see our "Policies" page for more information about shipping.) Cardboard celebrity stand-ups are shipped via ground and are also included to any destination in the Continental U.S. (Hawaii & Alaska pays additional shipping).

Are shipping times guaranteed?
No only because we have no control over unforeseen issues that a carrier can encounter. These are beyond our control.

If you need your stand-up faster and delivery has to be guaranteed for an event you may choose to have it shipped by FedEx overnight guaranteed but this will incur an additional $90 shipping charge.

I called and left a message 3 hours ago and no one has called me back!  Why?
We apologize, but at busy times of the year (holidays and especially the months from October-March) we are often swamped with online orders, emails, and telephone calls. As you can imagine, creating your stand-up and shipping your order takes precedence over everything else. We do our very best to return all emails and telephone calls promptly. Often due to the high volume of incoming questions it may take several hours or a day to return an email or return your call. The answers to virtually all of your questions are on this website on this page and on the "Policies", "Products", "Custom", and "Contact Us" pages. We truly appreciate your patience, and your patronage!

What is the quality of the printing?
The quality of your stand-up is determined by the quality of your original. With a good photo the quality of the final print is fantastic. If you're sending a physical photograph please make sure that it is a crisp, clean image (not blurry, covered in scratches, or shot from miles away). 5 x 7s and 8 x 10s are super. Our motto at Lifesizegreetings is "Bigger Is Better!" Please do not send poor quality images, grainy images, images shot from a long distance away, stained images, ripped or torn photographs, faded photos or old Polaroids of poor quality.

DO NOT CUT YOUR PHOTOS OUT WITH SCISSORS, we take care of cropping out other people and objects. Just inform us of who you want in the photo. If we think your image will create a poor standup we will email you to let you know before we start production. We always include a customer proof that must be signed off on before we begin production. If it is the only photo you have and you want us to proceed we will do our best but we can't work miracles.

(If in doubt, email us your image and our production staff can take a peek at it for you.) Our production staff reserves the right to refuse a photo based on quality. Why? Because we only want to produce the best quality custom weather resistant stand-ups possible, but most important of all...we want you to be thrilled with your stand-up!

Photos and custom artwork.  How do I know if my photo is good enough?
"If shooting your image with a digital camera, make sure that the camera is preferably 6 megapixels or higher in quality. It is important that your image conforms to all of the detailed the specifications listed here.

Should you choose to send an image that does not conform to these specifications, you are solely responsible for the quality of your stand-up, as the quality of the stand-up is based solely on the quality of the image that you submit.

Your custom stand-up is an enlargement from the image you supply us. The enlarging process does not improve the quality of your image, it only makes it larger. Below are tips on how to get the best possible results from you photos.

Understanding File Size and Sending Your Image

If you will be sending us your image via an email attachment, please read the following.

1000 K = 1 Megabyte file, 2000 K = 2 Megabyte, 3000 K = 3 Megabyte, and so on.

Nearly any picture you get off of the internet will not be acceptable. They are typically 65 kilobytes in size which is roughly 1" tall by 2" tall and can not be enlarged to 6 feet without becoming severely pixilated.


An emailed photographic image (also called a Raster Bitmap Image) must be no smaller than 2 Megs (which is 2000 K). 4 Megs (4000 K) is barely ok but anything over 6 mega pixels should give you the best results. Magazine photos do not give good results. When they are scanned all you see are printer dots that give them a very poor grainy image. Also copies from desktop printers give very poor results.

Please look at your file size before you send it. If it is 27 K or 386 K or anything at all under 2,000 K then it is WAY TOO TINY for us to work with. When we enlarge a tiny file it clearly shows all the zillions of tiny dots (called pixels) and thus the image becomes very, very grainy (also known as "pixilated").


Line art and computer-created artwork (also called Vector Files) can be sent to us in virtually any size file.  There are a few caveats, however.  Any of these files should be fine at virtually any size: .ai, .eps, .cdr, .wmf.  These files would need to be at least 3600 pixels high: .psd, .jpg, .bmp, .tif.  Please remember that bigger is generally better.

The easiest way to tell is to just email us a copy in the highest resolution possible and we will tell you if we can use it. 

If you are using a scanner and need to scan a real photo we recommend scanning a photo at about 1200dpi at the largest size possible.

Do not cut your photos if you are sending them to us, just inform us of who you want in the photo.

Also, the format of the photo is also important.  A profile shot with the subject is much better than a landscape shot from far away.

Poor Photo Good Photo

  • Very low resolution (640 x 480)
  • Lots of .jpeg compression 'noise'
  • Subject in middle far away & hidden in shadow
  • High resolution (2000x3000)
  • No compression noise
  • Subject close up, shot vertically filling the frame
  • Good sunlight illuminating the face

If you have ordered any custom photo products, then we need the photo to produce them for you.  Once you have completed your order you will be sent an email outlining how to supply us with these images.

We can accept files uploaded to our server as .jpg, .tiff, .eps, .psd (Photoshop), .cpt (Corel), bmp, &.pdf.  Please ask before sending any other type of file.  Should you be supplying your own design we can also take it as a vector art file (.ai or .cdr).

If you are scanning your photo to send it to us, it is important that it is the best quality possible as the better the image, the better your final product will be.  If you have any doubts about the quality of your scan you can send us the original photo, negative or slide and we will scan it.  This will delay your order a few days until we receive the photo.

If you are sending us your photo, please send it to:  Life Size Greetings, 5016 Airport Road, Zephyrhills, FL 33542 and include a copy of your invoice with it.  We will return your photos with the completed stand-up.  Please remember to put a label with your name, telephone number, address, and selected stand-up size on the back of your photo.  We recommend that you UPS or FedEx your image to us, as we cannot be held accountable for the vagaries of the Post Office.  UPS and FedEx will provide you with a tracking number and are very reliable.

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