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We love the holidays!  Which holiday?  It doesn't matter!  We love ALL holidays and there isn't a time of the year that this place isn't filled with folks dressed like they're going to a party.  In fact, we have Christmas music or perky, festive tunes playing in the store all day long.....

We all like to decorate, and we even keep our Christmas tree up for most of the year.  (Yes, it's true, we do!)  We really only take it down for a few months in the middle of the summer so that we can truly appreciate it when we put it back up in November, and get to decorate it again.....

What is Life Size Greetings all about?  It's all about sharing our love of the holidays with our friends, neighbors and customers.  You'd be surprised how much more people will enjoy a holiday if their home, office, or neighborhood is decorated!

Around here, The 4th of July is obviously a big holiday for us, and we close off the streets and have a day-long massive party with fireworks in the evening.  Our patriotic stand-ups line main street and there's one outside almost every house in the center of town.

"What else can we do?"  We sit around here all day, every day just dreaming up new ways to decorate or celebrate the upcoming holidays, whether it's a big one like Easter or a personally important occasion that wouldn't appear on a commercial calendar, like the anniversary of the day someone started working here.  Life should be a party all the time and Life Size Greetings can help you celebrate!

Here is a list of ideas to help you come up with some ways to decorate and celebrate a new holiday each week, and keep everyone happy and full of life all year 'round.

  • Birthdays - Here's an easy one.  Birthdays shouldn't be just one day.  My wife can stretch her birthday out to a couple of weeks per year!  She gets the whole week running up to her birthday to warm up, with the house all decorated with cards, balloons and banners, and then Birthday's eve rolls around and from there she gets a party that lasts for at least a couple of days.  Then it takes another week to wind down.  We celebrate our dogs', cats' and ferrets' birthdays too!  They get hats, cakes, balloons and everything we get....  A number of our customers have asked us make updated stand ups of their children each year so that instead of drawing a line on the wall, they can actually see how much their kids grow up... in full color!  Our stand ups are also a super way to announce the arrival of a new baby.

  • Office parties - There's no reason to just celebrate Christmas once a year at your office.  We make life sized cards for everyone to sign and decorate the office at any excuse, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, retirements, any excuse to throw a banner on the wall and give someone another life size card to take home!  Surprise someone by using a Life Size Greeting to say, "Congratulations on the Big Promotion" or "Kudos for Landing that Client" or even "Three Cheers To You for Closing that Deal!"

  • Sports and Dance - We love making cut-outs of our kids!  We have them playing football, baseball, basketball, racing go-karts, lifting weights, at swim meets, posing with their trophies and awards, dancing in recitals, and more!

  • Kids' Rooms - They should be magical all year 'round.  From life-size clowns to beds that look like castles, all of our kids have the best rooms that any of their friends have ever seen.  Need some help designing something for a child's room, just give us a call!  We delight in unleashing our creativity on the world.

  • Pets - This a where we, and all of our friends and customers, have our weakness.  We have life size cut- outs of our cats' dogs, we even made one for a customer of their parrot and it sits on their desk at work.  One of our more eccentric clients even asked us to turn her ferrets into reindeer for her front yard...and they're pulling a life size version of her along in Santa's sleigh!  We create virtually anything you want.

  • Special Occasions: anniversaries, retirements, adoptions, births, baptisms, buying a new house,     bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, engagements, weddings, new pets, congrats on your new job, congrats on quitting the job that you hated, promotions, getting published, getting into college, having your first gallery show...If it's a special occasion for you then we want to help you to celebrate it!

  • Say, "I Love You" or "I'm Sorry" in a BIG WAY...the Life Size Greetings' way!

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