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Life Size Stand Ups Production Videos
How To Order

  Life Size Greetings :: How To Order

  How To Order

Please Note: the maximum allowable file upload size is 10MB, if your file is any larger please contact us for FTP access.

(1) After you have placed your order, an invoice will appear on your monitor.

(2) At the bottom of the page you will see the following blurb:

File Upload Instructions:

Please click on the following link and upload your file to us.

[link to the upload page]

It would be helpful if you could rename the file you are uploading to the invoice number.

Thank you for your purchase!

(3) Click on the “Browse” button and you will see a pop-up screen appear on your monitor.

(4) Use the “Down Arrow” on that pop-up screen to get to the file that you want to send to us.

(5) RIGHT CLICK one time on the file that you want and you will see a menu of options.

(6) Select “Rename” by LEFT CLICKING one time on the word “Rename” in that list.

(7) Use your cursor in the box that appears around the current file name, and type in the new name of the file. Remember to use a VERY DEAILED description of your image. For example: “wedding couple” is NOT a good file name, as we receive hundreds of files with that name each month. “African American Bride and Groom Bride Holding Calla Lilies” is a much better file name. Another example: “ballerina” is not a good file name, but “4 Year Old Blonde Ballerina in Pink T utu with Arms Overhead” is a super file name.

(8) After you have renamed the file, DOUBLE LEFT CLICK on the renamed file.

(9) Click on “Upload” and voila! You're done!

Important Information about Placing Your Order for a Custom Stand-Up

Photos and custom artwork.  How do I know if my photo is good enough?
"If shooting your image with a digital camera, make sure that the camera is 4 megapixels in quality or better. It is important that your image conforms to all of the detailed the specifications listed here. Should you choose to send an image that does not conform to these specifications, you are solely responsible for the quality of your stand-up, as the quality if the stand-up is based solely on the quality of the image that you submit.The stand-up will be an enlarged photo quality stand-up of your image. The enlargement process will not alter you image in any way other than in size. (i.e., when we utilize your image to create a life-size stand-up, the process will not render your image crisper, cleaner, or alter it in any other manner, it will simply enlarge it and then we will mount that image on 1/2 inch thick sign material  and will do a profile cut around your stand-up.)

Understanding File Size and Sending Your Image

If you will be sending us your image via an email attachment, please read the following.

1000 K = 1 Meg ,  2000 K = 2 Meg , 3000 K = 3 Meg , and so on.


An emailed photographic image (also called a Raster Bitmap Image) must be no smaller than 2 Megs (which is 2000 K).  4 Megs (4000 K) is best, but the very smallest file we can work with is 2 Megs.

Please look at your file size before you send it.  If it is 27 K or 386 K or anything at all under 2,000 K then it is WAY TOO TINY for us to work with.  When we enlarge a tiny file it clearly shows all the zillions of tiny dots (called pixels) and thus the image becomes very, very grainy (also known as "pixelated").


Line art and computer-created artwork (also called Vector Files) can be sent to us in virtually any size file.  There are a few caveats, however.  Any of these files should be fine at virtually any size: .ai, .eps, .cdr, .wmf.  These files would need to be at least 3600 pixels high: .psd, .jpg, .bmp, .tif.  Please remember that bigger is generally better.

The easiest way to tell is to just email us a copy in the highest resolution possible and we will tell you if we can use it. 

If you are using a scanner and need to scan a real photo we recommend scanning a photo at about 1200dpi at the largest size possible.

Do not cut your photos if you are sending them to us, just inform us of who you want in the photo.

Also, the format of the photo is also important.  A profile shot with the subject is much better than a landscape shot from far away.

Poor Photo

  • Very low resolution (640 x 480)
  • Lots of .jpeg compression 'noise'
  • Subject in middle far away & hidden in shadow
Good Photo
  • High resolution (2000x3000)
  • No compression noise
  • Subject close up, shot vertically filling the frame
  • Good sunlight illuminating the face

If you have ordered any custom photo products, then we need the photo to produce them for you. Once you have completed your order you will be sent an email outlining how to supply us with these images.

We can accept files uploaded to our server as .jpg, .tiff, .eps, .psd (Photoshop), .cpt (Corel), bmp, &.pdf. Please ask before sending any other type of file. Should you be supplying your own design we can also take it as a vector art file (.ai or .cdr).

If you are scanning your photo to send it to us, it is important that it is the best quality possible as the better the image, the better your final product will be. If you have any doubts about the quality of your scan you can send us the original photo, negative or slide and we will scan it. This will delay your order a few days until we receive the photo.

If you are sending us your photo, please send it to: Life Size Greetings, 4047 Coats Rd. Zephyrhills, FL. 33542 and include a copy of your invoice with it. We will return your photos with the completed stand-up. Please remember to put a label with your name, telephone number, address, and selected stand-up size on the back of your photo. We recommend that you UPS or FedEx your image to us, as we cannot be held accountable for the vagaries of the Post Office. UPS and FedEx will provide you with a tracking number and are very reliable.

***Please understand that if you want a custom life-size stand-up, you need to send us an image/photo (via email or snailmail), unless you have made arrangements with us to have us purchase a stock image for you. 

**We receive oodles of orders, and it's just not possible for us to chase after folks who may have forgotten to send us an image. Always check in with us at least a few days after you send us your photo to make sure that we have it. Also...

*We will email you to say "your photo is fine and we'll start creating your stand-up" or "we need a better quality photo from you." If you don't get an email like that, then we don't have your image and your order is on hold. (We will send you an email to confirm that your credit card is "good", but that's NOT a confirmation that we have received your photo and that we have begun to work on your custom order.)

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