Celebrity Cardboard Cutout People Stand-ups

Our life size cardboard celebrity standups include all your favorite movie, cartoon, music and sports celebrities.

Our movie characters include great heros and villains like Darth Maul, C-3PO, Battle Droid, Anakin Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn, Queen Amidala, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Watto, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Boba Fett & R2D2.

We have every cardboard stand-up available from all movies such as: Casablanca, Goldmember, The Spy Who Shagged Me, Austin Powers: Man of Mystery, Spawn, Star Trek Attack of the Clones, Elvis, Mariyln, James Dean and John Wayne.

Our selection of cartoon characters such as Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson, Popeye, Olive Oyl, Brutus, Betty Boop, Racer X, Speed Racer, and X-Men will be a great hit at any event or just in the corner of your office!

Pricing Note:  You may find the same stand-up cheaper elsewhere on the internet but our SHIPPING IS INCLUDED.  Other places charging $5 - $10 less for the stand-up, but charg you an extra $20 - $30 to ship your purchase!

BuffyBoba FettSupermanJack SparrowRockyNightmare Before Christmas - Jack Skellington

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The largest manufacturer of custom life-size stand ups, giant greetings cards, celebrity stand ups, custom holiday decorations, banners, giant photo prints, giant checks and more, anywhere in the world!  Our list of clients includes household names such as Delta, Estee Lauder, Universal, Disney, NASA, local, state and Federal agencies, schools, charities, and thousands of other groups.

We custom design and make our life size stand-ups and standees from cardboard and weatherproof material.

All of our standup and standee products are manufactured in-house and include FREE SHIPPING!!

We also offer a rush service and can turn-around your project the same day we receive the artwork.

  Browse the largest selection of of celebrity life-size stand ups available on the internet that are all IN STOCK and ship the same day you order them.

We print custom and stock wall murals in any size from both permanent weatherproof and temporary removable material for any project.

We can also print your original artwork direct to canvas as one of our featured artists.

Basically, whatever you need, even if you don't see it on our site, call us and we can probably help.  More than anything we are an idea and innovation company and can take your project outline, design it, print it, manufacture it, and even install it, anywhere in the country!

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Life Size Greetings makes custom stand-ups and standees from your photos. We also make giant sized stand up holiday cards and holiday yard art for New Year's cards, President's Day cards, Mothers Day cards and Fathers Day stand up cards, Saint Patricks Day cards, Memorial Day cards, Easter cards, 4th of July cards, Labor Day cards, retirement cards, birthday cards, birth announcement cards, banners, life size silhouettes, giant photo prints, and more!

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